Friday, May 30, 2008

Fresh material already!

Wow, as soon as I started this page I realized I had no idea of something to talk about. However, after work I headed to my local Shoppers Drug Mart to see what the people were up to and this was quickly remedied. Thank goodness for the unwashed masses.

I wasn't there for anything drug-related so I simply went about my business and collected some items and headed to the front cash when BAM!!! Mom-towing-child swooping to the front of the line alert. I moved closer to take a listen....

Mom - "Where's your washroom?"

Cashier (while still trying to help the person she was serving in line) - "We don't actually have a public washroom ma'am."

Mom - (angry already....good sign) "It's for her!!!" (while pointing at child who is too short for the cashier to actually see over the counter and the line)

Cashier - (little flustered) "I'm sorry but I'm the only person on cash and I can't leave my till, maybe you could ask one of the merchandisers stocking the shelves over there" (pointing at the 2 merchandisers stocking the shelves)

Already she's doing better than I would have behind the counter.
Mom - Do you have a washroom?
NAD Pharm - Sorry, we only have a washroom for employees
Mom - But it's for her
NAD Pharm - Oh, fantastic, would she like to fill out an application?

So back to this story though.....

Mom - "She's only three!!!!"

Oh...ok then...that changes everything....lemme just let this line-up of 6 people that you've barged in front of go out the door without paying and I'll open the door to the staff room and then stand there and have to watch you so you don't steal everyone's purses....but only because she's three....if she was four you'd be S.O.L.

So the cashier says "just a sec" and finishes serving her current customer and then pages the merchandiser over the P.A. and all is well. I wanted to pat her on the back for doing quite a good job, she got the bitch into the shitter without holding up the line and only got slightly shouted at.

Actually I didn't want to pat her on the back, I really wanted to wait till the mom was back in line right behind me and then start an innocent conversation about how much I wish I could have a little welfare baby so that they could be the most important person in the whole wide world and the entire universe could revolve around his bowel movements.

But, I didn't want to get punched in the back of the I just paid for my stuff and left.

Not another disgruntled pharmacist!!!

A couple of my pharmacy buds are big fans of some of the unhappy pharmacist blogs out there and have suggested that I could add my own special twist to the raging-professional blogging game.

So, I'm going to start a blog, it won't be just focused on pharmacy stuff, but that will come up I'm sure. I'll try to just blab whatever is on my mind and we'll see how it all shakes down.

Oh yeah, big shout-outs to

for the inspiration.